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Our Bakery

We aim to offer a friendly and traditional service at all times and pride ourselves on the freshness of all our products.

Our experienced team of bakers start early in the morning, to ensure the freshness of every loaf of bread they produce. Using the finest quality of blended flours from our primary miller Heygates, you can be assured of the continual high standard of our baked goods.

Our Savoury Range

Boring I know to say it all again, but we do use the finest flours. I import my pastry fats from Denmark so as to make the best puff pastry for a flaky product.

The reason bakeries don`t do flaky anymore is that their goods have to travel in vans, makes me smile when I see Ginsters Finest foods on the side of those vans. 


Sausage Rolls

These bad boys are good, our own in-house Puff Pastry. We use Cooper Foods for our Pork sausage meat, Cooper Foods are nice and close on The West Portway - they are also famous for their fresh Fish.


Hampshire Pasties

Cornish Pasties, not a scratch on a Hampshire Pasty, we use best beef, again from Cooper Foods on The West Portway Andover, with mixed vegetables and Ground Black Pepper, it's ground every time we do a batch to give these suckers a kick.
Unlike Ginsters, the long lost art of flaky pastry is not lost here. We don`t make a filling that's a salty goo and inject into it for you to discard into the nearest bin or throw out of your car window for some unexpecting poor wildlife to eat.
You will be eating a new experience and returning, full refund given if you don't agree.


Cheese & Bacon Savouries

As above with the pastry, but this time we are folding in a full slice of Best Back bacon, a pinch of that freshly ground Black Pepper (done in a James Martin Coffee grinder, the best thing for grinding whole pepper corns) and topped with a handful of Mature Cheddar Cheese, not that mild stuff, but mature and very tasty. HUNGRY NOW?


World Famous Cheese Straws

For years now a Burbidge's special, lots of Mature Cheddar Cheese folded three times into our hand made puff pastry and cut in strips using a sharp knife and an old broom handle for flavour.



Described by Telly Savalas`s brother as "the best pizza outside NEW YORK" and that was in 1980 and its unchanged. Nothing fancy just our own mix of Italian tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, mixed herbs and ground black pepper. Food taste's good with love added and this has love.

Our Bread Range

Since H.B Burbidge started baking here in Andover we have used the best flours we can buy. 

If you use the best ingredients there is no excuse for a poor product. Heygates of Tring, in our minds, are the best Family Millers to supply Burbidge's bakery.


White Breads 

White doughs are given a 16 hour ferment, giving them the taste of sourdoughs without the extra costs.


Granary Breads

The same as our White Bread - we use Heygates of Trings 'Norfolk Crunch' for our Granary Style bread.
Also with a 16 hour ferment, giving us a great flavour that folks love


Wholemeal Bread

We use a Canadian Spring Wholemeal flour, again from our miller Heygates of Tring. My Great Grandfather used to say "You can tell a good baker by the flour he uses"


French Sticks

English Sticks


Rolls and Special Bread

Rolls, better known in the trade as morning goods (to be sold in the morning), are made every morning.
Special Bread is mostly made at the weekends. Seeded, Cheese and Honey and Spelt can also be made weekdays to order.

Our Danish Range





Danish Pastries

Apple Danish 
Raspberry & Apple Danish 
Cinnamon Danish 
“The Mich Turner Experience“ Chocolate Danish

Every day we make a fresh batch of Danish pastries. Apple, apple and raspberry, cinnamon and everybody's favorite - chocolate and custard. Never carried over to the next day, everything we make is done on the day, apart from the Crisps and bottled drinks we sell.  

I traveled to Denmark and trained until they were perfected, and they made a hit with the ITV Film crew and Judges from BRITAIN`S BEST BAKERY series 2. Mich Turner - Judge on BRITAIN`S BEST BAKERY said when asked "What's been the highlight of the series for you?"

“A wonderfully inventive ‘Beside the Sea’ afternoon tea from Hastings presented with a twist! Another bakery made the BEST Danish Pastry I have ever experienced."

So as we say at Burbidge's Bakery "if its not up to your standards, full refund given".






Full butter Ecelles Cakes

Apple turnovers

Hampshire Lardie "not to be confused with a Wiltshire Lardie"

Massive Rock Cakes

and many more